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Freelance Game Designer (2015 - Present)

Teakettle Games Internship (07/2020 - Present)

Game Dev Teaching (10/2018 - 06/2019)

Zed Games Game Reviewer (01/2020 - 05/2020)


Bachelor of Game Development (Game Design)

High School Diploma in Game Design & Product Development

Producer of The Year (LBS Student Award)

2 Nominations for LBS Game Awards

Professional Summary

Knowledgeable and detailed-oriented game designer, accustomed to working in fast-paced and deadline-driven environments.  

Proficient in

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The Depth Hold


Project Specification

Time Frame: 5 Weeks (On-Going)

Team Size: 2

Role: Designer

Platforms: Oculus Quest

Contractor: Liminal VR

Game Description

The Depth Hold takes place in the depths of the ocean. Experience what the great unknown has to offer with this equally beautiful and horrifying vista that will surely leave you in awe.  

Project Description

This experience was a project contracted to us by Liminal VR for their Liminal project. They tasked us with creating an experience that would induce awe in the player using the Oculus Go.


This project taught me about the psychology behind our senses, like sound and visuals and how they play into our perception of things.


I also got first-hand experience in dealing with hardware limitations. Working with the Oculus Go specs which included a lot of limitations, forced us to really have every choice in mind and made us innovate in our approach when crafting the experience.     


Pyros Tower


Project Specification

Time Frame: 8 Weeks

Team Size: 5

Role: Designer, Producer

Platforms: Windows, Mac

Project Description

Pyro's tower is an isometric turn-based puzzle. In this game, the player has to overcome puzzles by utilizing the ability to shoot fireballs. The game also features a map editor based on ASCII-maps

Project Description

Pyros Tower was our first long period game project. In this project, we were asked to create an Isometric game that had to relate on ASCII maps. 

In this project, we worked with an agile workflow and priorities rapid iteration. Using our ASCII map editor, we created over 100 levels that we then iterated down to about 25 levels. 


This project taught me about signalling and designing systems. Since one of my main duties was to create the puzzle system and figuring out how to make it understandable.


Untitled Guild House

Project Specification

Time Frame: 7 Weeks

Team Size: 1

Role: Designer

Platforms: Android

Project Description

Untitled Guild House is a mobile game that revolves around building your guild house. Recruiting adventurers, sending them out on missions & earning your wealth. 

Project Description

This project focused on monetization and UX. Allowing me to research different monetization methods, their efficiency and how to best utilise each one. 

We also work a lot with the UX, aiming to make feel as smooth as possible and really give the sense of running a guild house on your phone. 

This project also worked extensively with importing data from excel sheets to allow for quick iteration and making the game easy to update for future versions even in build state. 

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